Candles Lit So Far

How To Join The Stand Up and Count Campaign


Light one or many candles to bear witness to survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Do it on your own or with friends or colleagues, do it at home, at work, in a park or up a hill..... Just do it.....


Take a photo if you want to and think about what you want to say


Click on the "Light Candles" button above to register your action and post a comment or photo. All posts will be moderated before your candles are added to the running total on our home page.


Spread the word, share our link with your friends and followers, ask people to join in, light more candles...

About Stand Up and Count

Stand Up and Count is an arts activism campaign bearing witness to the scale and severity of Childhood Sexual Abuse in the UK.Sexual abuse is big news but we often feel powerless and don't know how to respond. Stand Up and Count invites you to join in a simple act of collective mourning for lost innocence and childhoods that were cruelly snatched away. The project has been initiated by art activist and survivor Viv Gordon.

11 Million Adult Survivors

There are an estimated 11 million adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse in the UK. A shocking number that is hard to comprehend. It is equivalent to estimated numbers of people killed in the holocaust - yet we have no memorials to honour us or help us remember and grieve. Many of us feel isolated and forgotten, struggling with long term mental and physical health conditions in a vacuum of silence, shame and stigma.

Take Action

Stand Up and Count started in March 2019 to make the scale of abuse in the UK more visible. Viv decided to light a candle each day to  cherish one life affected by Childhood Sexual Abuse. She worked out that to acknowledge all 11 million would take her over 30 thousand years! This is where you come in. You are invited to light one or many candles in solidarity with survivors, register your action on our live counter and share photos of your candles.